Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Body Revolution

Monday I started Jillian Michaels Body Revolution, I am following the exercise program but not the meal exactly.  I am counting my calories and trying to eat more natural, less processed things.  My hours at my new job are 9 to 6, I started out 8 to 5 for training and job shadowing but this week started my regular hours, I am using the extra time in the morning to exercise.  Sleeping is one of my favorite things in the world, so it was very tempting to just sleep in, but I like to make my husband's lunch and make sure he gets breakfast, so sleeping in really wasn't an option. When he starts summer vacation, he's a school teacher, I'm going to have to make sure to get motivated to get out of bed.  I will be able to sleep in more than I do now.

For the first two weeks of the program you do Workout 1, Workout 2, Cardio 1 and repeat with one rest day.  Normally I rest twice a week, so this is different for me but it's 90 days I can do it.

  • Monday, started with getting on the scale and being my highest weight ever so that is enough motivation to get moving, also my engagement ring doesn't fit right now and I'm not paying to get it re-sized.  Workout 1 was enjoyable and I was sweating and sore by the end of the day, but I am very out of shape.  I ate well and stayed within my budget for calories.
  • Tuesday, I was very sore starting the workout but I pushed through and finished it.  Workout 2 felt more challenging than Workout 1 but it could be that I was just sore.  I almost fell down the stairs going to work and sitting down and getting up were painful. I had no desire to eat dinner, I had a small snack and I should have eaten more but I just wasn't hungry.
  • Wednesday, I cheated and took a peak at the scale, I had already worked out and drank coffee and 32 ounces of water and I was already down 4 pounds!  I really enjoyed the Cardio 1, I had read a lot of blogs were people didn't enjoy the workout, I may feel differently after doing it for a month.  The workout seemed to help with my sore legs, I'm still sore but it's manageable.  
This pattern will repeat for the next 3 days, the weekends will be a challenge for me, I tend to sleep in and get off a schedule.  I also graze when I'm bored, I'm not too worried about getting the workout in on Saturday and in this case Monday for the holiday.  

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